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- Edit your own stylish flash template with ease!

Photo Slideshow Maker provides you with amazing Template Editor in the Premium flash templates. With Template Editor, you can customize premium flash templates and create your own stylish flash template.

AnvSoft Flash Template Editor is an easy to use flash template editing program, which enables you to customize every details of flash theme, including background image, photo frame, thumbnail frame, control button, title, description, movie clip and decoration, etc. No matter if you are professional one or with no acknowledge, you can handle the Template Editor easily to build up a self-made flash template.

The Flash Template Editor exists in the Professional and Platinum version of Photo Slideshow Maker. Now download Photo Slideshow Maker to experience the Flash Template Editor.

Download Photo Flash Maker to experience the Flash Template Editor.

Key Features of Flash Template Editor

  • Customize Premium flash templates
  • Provides with flash items like background images/flash, frame, control button, title, description, movie clip and decoration for you to customize a self-made flash template
  • Simply move the flash items to the desired place of the flash template after adding
  • Be able to save the edited project to .tpl (TPL Editor file) for editing next time
  • Exports as finished flash template file to Photo Slideshow Maker program
  • Simply remove the flash items by clicking Remove button or DEL
  • Provides Front Layer and Back Layer buttons to move flash items to the front or back

AnvSoft Flash Template Editor

Customize Flash Template with Template Editor

Provided flash items for customizing

Flash Template Edtior provides many customizable items as following for you to create your own stylish Premium flash templates.

Add background Background: Dozens of background flash.

Photo area Photo Area: Photo frames for displaying slideshow.

Thumbnail Thumbnail: Thumbnail frames for displaying thumbnail of the photo.

Control button Control button: Control button style, controlling the displaying of the slideshow.

Title Title: Style of the title of the premium slideshow.

Description Description: Style of the description for the premium slideshow.

Movie Clip Movie Clip: Movie flash clip items for adding to anywhere on the premium slideshow.

Decoration Decoration: Beautiful decoration overlay the slideshow.


1. Double click the flash items to apply to the customized template, except for Background, which requires only single click.

2. If you want to change or delete a flash item, use your mouse to click on the flash item, then hit the "Remove" button which is above the preview window.

How to customize flash template using Template Editor

It's quite simple for you to customize a self-made flash template using Flash Template Editor. Just as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1. Open the Flash Template Editor

After choosing photos, go to "Theme > Premium", then click on the Template Editor button, which is under the Premium flash templates area.

Open the Flash Template Editor

Then a popup shows, which lets you set the height and width of the customized template.

Set the height and width of the customized template

Step 2. Apply flash items to the customized flash template

After opening the Flash Template Editor, single or double click on the flash items on the left to apply to your customized flash template.

Step 3. Export customized flash template to Photo Slideshow Maker

Now you have customized a self-made flash template, click on "Export" button to save it to Photo Slideshow Maker, which can be seen under "Theme > Premium > Custom".

And the default path of the customized flash template is C:\Documents and Settings\****\Application Data\Anvsoft\Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum\template\premium\template\custom (**** is your administrator name). If you want to customize the flash template using flash program like Adobe Flash, you can download the source file of this customized flash template.

Download customizable Premium Flash templates source file

We have created a self-customized Premium flash template using the Template Editor. Watch it. And we provide downloadable .fla source file for you to customize a self-made flash template using flash items.

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