Flash Slideshow Software Solutions

Personal Solution

  • Create flash slideshows for sharing on social websites, blogs or personal website.
  • Make a gift CD/DVD for someone special to you.
  • Enjoy common photos with amazing flash templates and effects

Business Solution

  • Create flash scroller or banner for corporate website
  • Better showcase your products and services with dynamic photo flash gallery
  • Easily build up a web gallery full of flash slideshows

School & Non-profit Solution

Make photo slideshows with music to share collective happiness and memories among your students, outdoor picnic, summer camping, school festivals, etc.

Charities, churches, environmental groups, and other non-profit organizations, can use Photo Slideshow Maker to create slideshow presentations or online flash slideshows for a variety of purposes.

We offer a discount to schools, charities and all non-profit bodies. For School & Non-profit Solution, please contact us.

Please provide us with the following information when you apply for a School & Non-profit Solution:

  • The full name of your school/organization
  • The address of your school/organization
  • The website of your school/organization (if available)
  • What would you use the Photo Slideshow Maker program for?
  • Who would be the potential audience of the flash slideshows?
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