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Our customers love Photo Slideshow Maker and are impressed by our customer service

Over 1,200,000 users around the world are using Photo Slideshow Maker to create flash slideshow and video slideshow for their personal websites and blogs, create gift CD/DVD and web albums for sharing with people, etc. Our users think highly of our product Photo Slideshow Maker and are often impressed by our customer service.

Users' Testimonials

We list only a small part of all our users' testimonials below, which we have received over the years.

"Hello. I am Safiullah khan from Pakistan. I down load 'Flash slideshow maker' from your web site. It is very attractive, beautiful, easy, and that which I was wants. I down loaded it and enjoying it. Thanks a lot." -- Safiullah khan

"Thanks a lot for all your help and support very much appreciated, this must be placed on records." -- Dhiraj Kumar

"Thank you, Thank you, thank you... It works great." -- Rita

"I bought Photo Slideshow Maker Pro, I love this program and have made a beautiful flash slideshow." -- Linda

"I'm experimenting with the free version of Photo Slideshow Maker and it seems to do what I want." -- Mark Lewis

"I have your program on my computer. Love it!" -- Chuck Robson

"I'm using Photo Slideshow Maker to make a photo album and It works really great!" -- Renan Debarry

"Photo Slideshow Maker will be the best Program to create easy flash files from images. Many features are not found in any other flash designer or creator software... the option to create a single flash file does the job very well and better as most competitors... I had recently a lot to do with swf. Most programs produced a output swf which is not full conform with Adobe SWF File Format Specification. The file sizes are much too big to use it on the internet. Then I inspected the swf files on your showcase site. They are perfectly done. This proof that the programmers did an outstanding job, not only on what is to see from the viewer from outside but within the files. A good web developer who embed flash in their site, and cares about the site performance to remain with flash as good as possible, will appreciate what the program provides. Best quality flash files in small file sizes with countless variations in the design. It's an excellent program." -- Chris Recon

"I want to THANK YOU for all of your helpful support. I'm really enjoying working with Photo Slideshow Maker." -- Reni Schriek

"I have Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum and Professional loaded ( and licensed) on my computer, the professional version has proved it's Worth over the time I've used this...the platinum version is up and working well, most impressed by the 3D and new options available." -- Colin

"I have created slideshows with your software. I really like your software." -- Michael Hartman

"Tried it and it's good." -- Michael Zehnder

"I have downloaded the trial edition of your Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum. I really like your program and it has good choice of effects." -- Anlyn

"I have been using the trial version and loving it!" -- Gena

"I am really enjoying the Photo Slideshow Maker, it's a true software." -- Ibrahim Lukman

"Thank you very much for your support and excellent software." -- Francesc Llopart

"I have been using your software for almost 2 years now and am very pleased with your product." -- Sid Chambers

"I think I will really save time with your software. It's a wonderful tool." -- Alex Donnet

"I have very recently tried to use your software for an official slide show and I must say it is really commendable how user friendly it is. A layman like me with no knowledge as to its operation could easily operate and make a tremendous flash file out of it, I guess I don't have any other words to exclaim how much praise worthy I feel this software application is." -- Nitish Joshi

"I have downloaded the free trial and find this to be an excellent tool." -- Michael London

"Congratulations for your excellent tool for work in flash easier." -- Lucelio Moreira

"Thank you very much for your support and advice -- the problem solved as always by you and your excellent team!" -- Maurice Byrne

"You have a GREAT Piece of Software and a very very reasonable price for everything I got." -- Dave

"I tried out your free slideshow maker and it's great! I have downloaded platinum and registered. It's fantastic. Just what I wanted!" -- Pandy Karavan

"I'm working with the Photo Slideshow Maker free version and it works very well." -- Harald Tondorf

"I will recommend your software to anyone whom i work with or those that ask me what a good slideshow creator software." -- Juan Pablo Ramirez

"As an ex-customer services director in the IT services industry. I want to say a sincere thanks for the help you have given me over the past few weeks. You have taken time to explain to me in great detail how to achieve some stunning effects with Photo Slideshow Maker. You have been especially patient with my lack of HTML knowledge. Your response has always been within 12 hours and right to the point on my issues raised. I wish more support departments in the industry were so helpful. Your help has made me a real fan of Photo Slideshow Maker from Anvsoft. Thank you again." -- Paul Parris

"I am very impressed with your software, and just published to go2album a slide show. That is very easy and perfect for my needs." -- Lee Pantas

"Photo Slideshow Maker pro is very good!!" -- Windy

"Thank you very much for your great program. It is awesome." -- Simon

"I purchased the Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum edition. I create slide shows which are awesome and easy to make." -- Scott Bryant

"I just purchased the Photo Slideshow Maker platinum edition. It works great!!!!" -- Peter De Cesare

"Firstly let me congratulate you on a great program, I love it." -- Sarah vavoulas

"Hello, I love your Photo Slideshow Maker." -- Robb Capielo

"Nice program!" -- Chaz Steadman

"Hello, around a year ago I bought your program and am very much fond of it." -- Magdalene Wigge

"I LOVE this product. What a great solution I've been longing for. I have no time to learn Flash, nor do I want to. This product is priced just right, and solved my problem of wanting to create catchy, fun and professional slideshows.. It's like magic. And great customer support!!" -- Nancy Hayssen

"Thanks for the great program. Saves me a ton of time and effort." -- Rick Meyers

"I have just started my business of web design and i really like your program and i will probably use a lot of the software to create some nice flash for my customer website." -- leng kok keong

"Yesterday I downloaded a copy of Photo Slideshow Maker Professional. Upon running a few tests I realized that this may be exactly what I've been looking for." -- John Byram

"I have just done a SWF file utilizing your trial - thank you! It worked perfectly, in fact it was extremely easy to use and understand." -- Anne

"We use Photo Slideshow Maker to create our .swf ad to display in our publication. It is a great product." -- Emily Myers

"I purchased and used with great satisfaction your program PhotoFlash Maker." -- Sandro Tamborin

"Your photo gallery works beautifully and is easy for me to teach the youth here... it even has a Thai display option! I know it will be perfect to create flash slideshows for our website." -- Juliana Russell

"I have downloaded and just tested your slideshow program. Works great." -- Jared Lim

"I have used yr software to create a flash format. It is a fantastic software for me." -- Anderson Mok

"I recently purchased the Platinum version of the Photo Slideshow Maker. It is certainly a great product. I would like to recommend to any one." -- Ranjith Wijesinghe

"I bought your Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum a few days ago. It is one of the BEST PURCHASES I have ever made, it's a wonderful program." -- Grant Needham

"I'm so happy using Photo Slideshow Maker Professional with the service of Go2Album to upload slideshows in my personal website." -- Pablo Leon

"I have used your Photo Slideshow Maker a few times and love how easy it is to use!" -- Jim Reed

"I've bought Photo Slideshow Maker Professional and am happily using it!" -- Ashley Bruce

"I think your product is great!" -- Sue Bowman

"Thank you very much for your fine product, and for your prompt response to my problem!" -- Sam Davis

"The Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum is so good that I bought it. It's working out good and I'm happy." -- Madan Drkhare

"I downloaded the Photo Slideshow Maker Free Version & so liked the program that I decided to upgrade to the Professional Version." -- Peter Gaywood

"Hello, I just want to say that I really love this program is quick and very easy to use!" -- Elliot Mangual

"I must confess that your Free Photo Slideshow Maker is really cool." -- Samuel Odamo

"I have download Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum and tested it. Its exactly as per my requirement." -- Ramesh Patel

"Thank you for Photo Slideshow Maker - it has come in quite handy since I've bought it." -- Barbara Eyre

"Great stuff. Allows me to do all kinds of cool stuff I couldn't do without learning action script for 6 months.Here is a recent site I used it on. You can use it on your user created pages if you want to." -- Rick Meyers

"Your product is awesome. Easy to use." -- Henry Darmawan

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