Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum FAQs - Adding videos



Which kind of video format is supported?

Currently, Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum supports only FLV video format (.flv).

How to add other video formats besides FLV?

You can use our Any Video Converter to convert other video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc. to FLV videos for adding to Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum.

How many videos can be added to one slideshow?

There is no limit on the quantity of videos in one flash slideshow created by Photo Slideshow Maker Platinum. However, the more videos you put into the slideshow, the longer it may take to encode the flash.

If you want to make a gift CD/DVD, you have to take the disc capacity into consideration. One CD-R or CD-RW is capable of storing 650 ~ 700 MB files, while one standard DVD disc is with about 4.7 GB of storage capacity.

How to change the URL on the videos?

1. Click the menu Preference, and a dialogue box will show up.

2. Click the General tab, and then change the default URL settings for all videos in the slideshow.

If you need to change URL for a certain video or a group of selected videos, please go to the main window of the program, under the Photo/FLV tab , click the Properties button.

Why can't the video display in the slideshow?

The video can't display either in the preview box or after publishing is because, that you didn't use a video template. There are some video templates under the Theme > Video, choose one to display your videos and photos. Other templates are just for photos.

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