Photo Slideshow Maker FAQs - Creating Gift CD/DVD



What is a gift CD/DVD?

When you create a flash slideshow with photos and music, not only can you publish it to websites and share with people, but also burn it to CD or DVD as a precious gift.

The flash slideshow will auto-play when it's inserted into the CD/DVD drive of computer.

Will the gift CD/DVD play on TV?

No. The gift CD/DVD can only play on computers, because TV sets do not support SWF file format.

What's in the gift CD/DVD?

If we explore the gift CD/DVD, we will find

  • SWF file, which is the flash movie;
  • XML file, which stores critical information and attributes that drive the flash;
  • INF auto-run file, which enables the slideshow to start play when the CD/DVD is inserted into computer;
  • Slides folder, which contains the large images you see in the slideshow;
  • Thumbs folder, which contains the small images you see in the slideshow;
  • And some other assets.

Assets and documents in the gift CD/DVD

What kinds of discs can be used to burn gift CD/DVD?

Write-Once Discs

  • DVD+R

A DVD+R is a once-writable optical disc with 4.7 GB of storage capacity.

  • DVD-R

DVD-R is a DVD recordable format with storage capacity of 4.71 GB.

  • CD-R

CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) is a Write Once Read Many optical medium and retains a high level of compatibility with standard CD readers. A standard CD-R has a storage capacity of 74 minutes of audio or 650 MB of data.

Re-writable Discs

  • DVD+RW

DVD+RW is the re-writible optical discs with about 4.7 GB storage capacity. DVD+RW supports random write access, which means that data can be added and removed without erasing the whole disc and starting over (up to about 1000 times).

  • DVD-RW

A DVD-RW disc is a rewritable optical disc with equal storage capacity to a DVD-R, typically 4.7 GB.erase and rewrite to a DVD-RW disc. You can erase and rewrite data to a DVD-RW disc.

  • CD-RW

A Compact Disc ReWritable (CD-RW) is a rewritable optical disc with 650 ~ 700 MB storage capacity.

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