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Add videos to Flash video playlist Add Videos

Besides FLV videos, you can add MPEG, MOV, AVI, WMV and many other videos. You can also add URL of FLV videos to insert to your playlist. Videos will be converted to FLV for easy streaming.

Add videos to Flash playlist

Choose Flash player template Customize Player

All Flash video player templates are ready-for-use and customizable. You can change lots of settings to create a player skin that you like. Custom player skins can be saved for later use.

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Export photo slideshow Insert Ads

Want to generate income from your videos? Now you can insert ads to video playlist with our program. Video, Flash, image and even HTML ads are all supported!

Publish and share your Flash video playlist Publish & Embed

Video playlist is created with simple HTML code. You can publish the playlist to your website, or embed it to MySpace, Blogger, etc. We also offer free video hosting service for all users!

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